Alcoholic Liquors Generally

ORS 471.715

  • meetings
  • quorum


The member from the food and alcoholic beverage retail industry shall not serve as chairperson. The chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission or, in the chairperson’s absence, some other member may serve as chairperson.


The commission shall meet at such times and places within this state as it determines. A majority of the commissioners constitutes a quorum for the transaction of any business, for the performance of any duty or for the exercise of any power of the commission. [Amended by 1979 c.251 §3; 1983 c.168 §2]
Chapter 471

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Employment by OLCC of staff member as "hearings advocate" at certain OLCC contested case hearings, (1983) Vol 44, p 1

Law Review Citations

16 WLR 479 (1979)


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