Controlled Substances

ORS 475.949
Injunctive relief for precursor substance violation


Whenever it appears that any person has repeatedly sold or delivered one or more precursor substances in violation of the provisions of ORS 475.752 (Prohibited acts generally) to 475.980 (Affirmative defense to ORS 475), the county attorney or city attorney may cause a civil suit to be instituted in the circuit court for injunctive relief to restrain the person from selling or delivering one or more of the precursor substances.


Upon a proper showing, the court may grant a permanent or temporary injunction prohibiting the defendant or defendants from any further sale or delivery of any amount of one or more precursor substances.


The court may decline to enter an injunctive order against a defendant who:


Demonstrates no knowledge of the existence of the violation, or demonstrates reasonable efforts to stop the violation from occurring;


Has not been guilty of any contempt of court in the proceedings; and


The court finds will make best efforts to immediately end any violation that may exist and prevent any further violation from occurring. [2003 c.448 §7]


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