Controlled Substances

ORS 475.978
Methyl sulfonyl methane

  • transfers
  • records
  • rules


A person who sells or otherwise transfers more than the amount permitted by administrative rule adopted by the Department of State Police of methyl sulfonyl methane to a person other than a physician, physician assistant licensed under ORS 677.505 (Application of provisions governing physician assistants to other health professions) to 677.525 (Fees), nurse practitioner licensed under ORS 678.375 (Nurse practitioners) to 678.390 (Authority of nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist to write prescriptions or dispense drugs), naturopathic physician licensed under ORS chapter 685, pharmacist, veterinarian, retail distributor, wholesaler, manufacturer, warehouseman or common carrier or an agent of any of these persons shall make a record of each such sale or transfer. The record must be made on a form provided by the department, completed pursuant to instructions provided by the department and retained by the person for at least three years. Failure to make and retain a record required under this subsection is a Class A violation.


The department shall adopt a rule establishing the minimum amount of methyl sulfonyl methane the sale or transfer of which requires a report under subsection (1) of this section. In establishing the minimum amount, the department shall determine an amount that is reasonably designed not to infringe upon legitimate uses of methyl sulfonyl methane but that discourages the use of methyl sulfonyl methane in the illicit production and distribution of methamphetamine.


This section applies to the sale or transfer of bulk methyl sulfonyl methane in its powder form only, and does not apply to the sale or transfer of products containing methyl sulfonyl methane in other forms including, but not limited to, liquids, tablets, capsules not containing methyl sulfonyl methane in pure powder form, ointments, creams, cosmetics, foods and beverages. [2001 c.615 §9; 2003 c.448 §4; 2005 c.706 §16; 2014 c.45 §69; 2017 c.356 §79]
Note: Section 11, chapter 615, Oregon Laws 2001, provides:
Sec. 11. Until the Department of State Police adopts a rule under section 9 of this 2001 Act [475.978 (Methyl sulfonyl methane)], a person who sells or otherwise transfers two pounds or more of methyl sulfonyl methane shall make the reports required by section 9 of this 2001 Act. [2001 c.615 §11]


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