Forestry Administration

ORS 526.031
State Forester

  • deputy and assistants
  • compensation


The State Board of Forestry shall appoint a State Forester, who must be a practical forester familiar with western conditions and experienced in organization for the prevention of forest fires. The forester shall be the chief executive officer of the State Forestry Department. The forester shall hold office at the pleasure of the board, and shall act as its secretary.


With the approval of the board and subject to applicable provisions of the State Personnel Relations Law, the State Forester may appoint a Deputy State Forester, assistant state foresters and other employees of the department. During the State Forester’s absence or disability, all authority shall be exercised by the Deputy State Forester or by the assistant whom the State Forester or the board, by written order filed with the Secretary of State, has designated as Acting State Forester.


The board shall fix the compensation of the State Forester. In addition to their salaries, the forester, the deputy and assistants shall be reimbursed, subject to the limitations otherwise provided by law, for their actual and necessary travel and other expenses incurred in the performance of their duties. [1965 c.253 §7; 1983 c.759 §13]

Law Review Citations

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