ORS 526.460
Policy to manage forests to maximize benefits


The State of Oregon recognizes that the forest makes a vital contribution to Oregon. Economic benefits provided include a large tax base, substantial employment and wood products for a world market. The environmental benefits include maintenance of a forest cover and soil, air and water resources. Other benefits provided are habitats for wildlife and aquatic life, recreation and forest range. Management of all forestlands in Oregon should be encouraged to provide continuous production of all forest benefits.


Nonindustrial private forestlands are an important part of Oregon’s forest resource base. They can make major contributions to Oregon’s economy and provide many other social benefits. Therefore, it is the policy of the State of Oregon to provide conditions favorable for long term forestry investments that lead to increased management of and harvest from these lands. [1979 c.578 §3]
Chapter 526

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Authority of State Forester to enter private land to administer Forest Practices Act, (1978) Vol 39, p 17

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