ORS 526.470
Forest tree seed bank; sale to recover costs; disposition of funds; use of funds for research and development activities


A state forest tree seed bank may be operated by the State Forester and the State Board of Forestry to provide forest tree seed for the raising of forest tree seedlings suitable for reforestation. Such tree seed bank is to provide for the research and development, production, purchase, collection, storage, care and maintenance of forest tree seed and for the sale of such tree seed to private, state and other public owners of forest nurseries or forestland.


Each year the State Forester shall determine the costs of tree seed bank operation and shall offer tree seed for sale to forest or nursery owners at prices that will recover actual costs.


All revenues derived from the operation of the tree seed bank shall be credited to the State Forestry Department Account and deposited in the State Forest Tree Seed Bank Subaccount established in ORS 526.060 (State Forestry Department Account).


In order to develop and produce high quality forest tree seed, the moneys deposited in the State Forest Tree Seed Bank Subaccount may be used for research and development activities, including establishing and maintaining seed production areas, seed orchards or select forest trees from which seed, cuttings or pollen may be collected. The activities described in this subsection may be conducted independently by the State Forester or in collaboration, partnership or cooperation with private entities and public bodies as defined in ORS 174.109 (“Public body” defined). [1979 c.578 §5; 2005 c.541 §5; 2007 c.248 §2]
Chapter 526

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