Weed Control

ORS 569.445
Duty to clean machinery before moving

  • weed infested residue not to be moved

No person operating or having control of any threshing machinery, clover huller, hay baler, seed cleaning or treating machinery or other machinery shall move said machinery over any public road or from one farm to another without first thoroughly cleaning it. Before moving it, all hay or bundle racks and all other equipment shall be thoroughly swept and cleaned. All hay, straw or other crop residue infested with noxious weeds under the meaning of ORS 569.360 (County governing body may create weed control district) to 569.495 (Financial assistance by department for weed control) having partially or fully formed seeds shall not be moved from the land on which grown to other lands not infested with any of the weeds in the field from which such crop material came. [Formerly 570.570]
(Cost-Share Assistance Grants)


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