Weed Control

ORS 569.480
Eligibility for grants

No person shall be eligible for a cost-share assistance grant under ORS 569.370 (Weed inspectors) and 569.470 (Cost-share assistance grants for weed control) to 569.495 (Financial assistance by department for weed control) unless:


A weed control inspector has:


Conducted a field inspection of the weed control site;


Approved the eligible person’s plan for implementing a weed control project; and


Certified that specific expenditures are appropriate for implementation of the project.


The eligible person has made certified expenditures for the purpose of implementing an approved weed control project. Adequate proof of such expenditures shall consist of:


Receipts, invoices or other evidence indicating the amount and cost of the project; and


Such other weed control information as the county court or commission may require. [Formerly 570.590]


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Jun. 26, 2021