Weed Control

ORS 569.475
Cost-share assistance grants for weed control

  • source of expenditures
  • limit on grants


The county courts of the several counties of this state hereby are required to provide cost-share assistance grants to persons owning or occupying land within such counties who conduct a weed control project in accordance with the provisions of ORS 569.370 (Weed inspectors) and 569.470 (Cost-share assistance grants for weed control) to 569.495 (Financial assistance by department for weed control). Expenditures by any county court or commission for cost-share assistance grants shall be made from the county’s weed control fund pursuant to ORS 569.420 (County tax for weed control fund).


In any fiscal year, the amount of cost-share assistance to any person eligible for such assistance under ORS 569.470 (Cost-share assistance grants for weed control) and 569.480 (Eligibility for grants) shall be an amount equal to, but not exceeding, 50 percent of the actual cost of the eligible person’s weed control project. [Formerly 570.585]


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Jun. 26, 2021