Grades, Standards and Labels for Feeds, Soil Enhancers and Seeds

ORS 633.520
Labeling agricultural seed or bulk flower seed

Each container of agricultural seed, or of more than one pound of flower seed, sold, offered or exposed for sale, or transported within this state shall bear or have attached in a conspicuous place a legibly written or printed label or tag prepared from information developed from a seed test as prescribed by rule by the Director of Agriculture and that states in the English language:


The commonly accepted name of the kind or the kind and variety of each agricultural or flower seed component constituting in excess of five percent of the whole and the percentage by weight of each. If any such component is one that the director, pursuant to ORS 633.680 (Establishment of standards of germination), has determined is generally labeled as to variety, the label or tag shall bear, in addition to the name of the kind, either the name of such variety or the statement “Variety Not Stated.” If more than one agricultural or flower seed is named, the word “mixture” or the words “mixed seed” shall appear conspicuously on the label or tag.


The country or state where grown. If unknown, the fact that the country or state where grown is unknown shall be stated.


The lot number or other lot identification.


The total percentage, by weight, of other crop seed.


The total percentage, by weight, of weed seed.


The total percentage, by weight, of inert matter.


The name and number per pound of each kind of noxious weed seed restricted in Oregon, or the statement “No Noxious Found,” or a similar statement, if the sample is free of all noxious weed seeds listed in the administrative rules.


For each named agricultural or flower seed:


The percentage of germination. If germination data is based on tests other than sprouting, that shall be so stated on the label.


The percentage of hard seed, if more than one percent.


The month and year the test to determine the data required by this section was completed.


The name and address of the person who labeled the seed or who sells, offers or exposes such seed for sale within the state.


The year and month beyond which an inoculant, if shown in the labeling, is no longer claimed to be effective.


If such seed or mixture is intended for seeding purposes and has been treated, the following:


A statement that the seeds have been treated.


The commonly accepted chemical or abbreviated chemical name of any substance used in such treatment.


A descriptive statement, approved by the director as adequate for the protection of the public, of any process used in such treatment.


If the substances used in such treatment in the amount remaining with the seeds is harmful to humans or other vertebrate animals, an appropriate warning statement, approved by the director as adequate for the protection of the public.


A statement of the net quantity of the contents of each container in terms of the net weight of such container. [Amended by 1955 c.379 §3; 1969 c.132 §2; 1995 c.371 §2; 2007 c.281 §2]


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