Grades, Standards and Labels for Feeds, Soil Enhancers and Seeds

ORS 633.541
Labeling vegetable seed weighing more than one pound

Each container of vegetable seed weighing more than one pound net weight shall be labeled with:


The name of the kind and variety of the contents.


The lot number or other lot identification.


The name and number per pound of each kind of restricted noxious weed seed, or the statement “No Noxious Found,” or a similar statement, if the sample is free of all noxious weed seeds listed in the administrative rules.


The percentage of germination or, if the percentage of germination meets or exceeds the standard established by the Director of Agriculture pursuant to ORS 633.680 (Establishment of standards of germination), at the option of the person for whom the container is labeled, the words “Oregon Standard Germination.”


The percentage of hard seed, if more than one percent.


The month and year the test to determine the data required by this section was completed.


The name and address of the person who labeled such seed or who sells, offers or exposes such seed for sale within this state.


The labeling data required by ORS 633.520 (Labeling agricultural seed or bulk flower seed) (12) and (13). [1955 c.379 §5; 1969 c.132 §4; 1995 c.371 §4]


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