Grades, Standards and Labels for Feeds, Soil Enhancers and Seeds

ORS 633.680
Establishment of standards of germination

  • rules and regulations
  • fees and charges


The Director of Agriculture shall establish standards of germination for vegetable seed, and shall make reasonable rules and regulations necessary to effectuate the purpose of ORS 633.511 (Definitions for ORS 633.511 to 633.750) to 633.750 (Disposition of fees and charges paid under ORS 633.511 to 633.750) and 633.996 (Civil penalty for seed law violation), covering:


Licensing, suspension, reinstatement and revocation of licenses, which rules and regulations shall conform to the law governing suspension, refusal or revocation of licenses by the State Department of Agriculture.


Regulatory and official sampling.


Labeling of seeds, including such additional information as may be required in order to maintain uniformity with the laws and regulations of the federal government or of other states.


Quarantining, which rules and regulations shall conform to the law for establishment of quarantines by the State Department of Agriculture.


Seizure, treatment and disposition of seeds from outside this state.


Seizure of seeds.


Changes in the list of prohibited noxious weed seeds and in the list of restricted noxious weed seeds.


Tolerances for differences between the contents of a container of agricultural, flower or vegetable seed and the label thereon.


The types of records and the procedures for handling forms and records that must be kept by seed dealers and seed conditioners.


The identity of varieties of agricultural seed required by ORS 633.520 (Labeling agricultural seed or bulk flower seed).


The variations in time provided for in ORS 633.651 (Prohibited acts).


The use and labeling of hermetically sealed or other types of containers or conveyances involving seeds.


The type of analysis tests that must be conducted to develop information used in preparing seed labels or tags.


The director may adopt rules establishing standards for forms used in reporting analysis of seed.


The director may establish fees and charges for official sampling, applied for by the owner, at an amount sufficient to cover the cost. The director may also establish reasonable charges covering issuance of permits, and the treatment and disposition of seeds seized and held under quarantine. However, in any case where the service involved is in such location or under such circumstances that the usual fees or charges are insufficient to cover the expense, the director may make additional charges to avoid loss to this state. [Amended by 1955 c.379 §17; 1969 c.132 §6; 1995 c.371 §8; 2011 c.356 §15]


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