ORS 671.365

  • rules

The State Landscape Architect Board may establish by rule the amounts for fees to be charged and collected under ORS 671.310 (Definitions for ORS 671.310 to 671.459) to 671.459 (State Landscape Architect Board). The fees shall include, but are not limited to:


An examination fee.


A fee for original registration of out-of-state landscape architect under ORS 671.345 (Registration based on recognition by other jurisdictions).


A fee for issuance of original registration under ORS 671.335 (Examination).


A fee for issuance of a duplicate certificate of registration.


A fee for renewal of registration under ORS 671.376 (Renewal).


A late renewal fee under ORS 671.376 (Renewal). [1981 c.536 §6a; 1993 c.712 §1; 1995 c.189 §6; 1997 c.643 §15; 2003 c.14 §416]


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