ORS 671.660
Renewal of licenses

  • effect of lapse
  • penalty fees


The fee for renewal of a license issued under ORS 671.510 (Short title) to 671.760 (Business income tax) shall be paid annually on or before the last day of the month of the anniversary of issuance.


The State Landscape Contractors Board may not issue a new license to a person who has been previously licensed under ORS 671.510 (Short title) to 671.760 (Business income tax) and whose license has expired, unless the person makes written application on a form approved by the board and pays the required annual fee. The board may require the person to also pay a penalty fee.


If a license lapses for two years or more, the person must reapply as for initial issuance of the license.


When a landscape contracting business renews its license, the business must submit the names of all employees who are licensed landscape construction professionals.


When a person renews a landscape construction professional license, the person must:


Submit the name of the employer if the person is currently performing landscaping work; and


Demonstrate that the person has complied with the continuing education requirement adopted by the board. [1971 c.764 §18; 1973 c.832 §35; 1977 c.873 §5; 1983 c.452 §14; 2001 c.409 §8; 2007 c.550 §§3,6]
§§ 671.510 to 671.710

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