ORS 671.425
Issuance of registration after revocation

If the State Landscape Architect Board revokes the registration of a registered landscape architect under ORS 671.404 (Grounds for refusal to register or renew or for suspension), the board may issue registration under ORS 671.310 (Definitions for ORS 671.310 to 671.459) to 671.459 (State Landscape Architect Board) to the individual whose registration is revoked if the individual:


Files a new application for the registration and passes an examination given by the board; and


Establishes to the satisfaction of the board that all loss caused by the acts for which the registration was revoked has been fully satisfied and that the individual has complied with all conditions imposed by the decision of revocation. [1981 c.536 §12; 1987 c.414 §42e; 2001 c.950 §18; 2003 c.14 §422; 2013 c.1 §86]


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