Regulation of Medicine, Podiatry and Acupuncture

ORS 677.495
Definitions for ORS 677.495 to 677.535

As used in ORS 677.495 (Definitions for ORS 677.495 to 677.535) to 677.535 (Limited license), unless the context requires otherwise:


“Physician assistant” means a person who is licensed in accordance with ORS 677.505 (Application of provisions governing physician assistants to other health professions) to 677.525 (Fees).


“Practice agreement” means a written agreement between a physician assistant and a supervising physician or supervising physician organization that describes the manner in which the services of the physician assistant will be used.


“Supervising physician” means a physician licensed under ORS 677.100 (Qualifications of applicant for license) to 677.228 (Automatic lapse of license for failure to pay registration fee or report change of location), or a podiatric physician and surgeon licensed under ORS 677.805 (“Ankle” defined for ORS 677.805 to 677.840) to 677.840 (Fees), who supervises a physician assistant.


“Supervising physician organization” means a group of supervising physicians that collectively supervises a physician assistant.


“Supervision” means the acts of overseeing and accepting responsibility for the medical services provided by a physician assistant in accordance with a practice agreement, including regular and routine oversight and chart review. [Formerly 677.012; 1983 c.486 §45; 1987 c.660 §24; 1989 c.830 §30; 1999 c.119 §1; 1999 c.582 §1; 2001 c.744 §§3,4; 2005 c.366 §1; 2007 c.347 §1; 2010 c.43 §1; 2011 c.550 §1; 2017 c.352 §1]
Chapter 677

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Extent of grandfather right under 1969 Act amending barbers law, (1972) Vol 36, p 23; licensing requirements for hospital technicians employed by state correctional facilities, (1987) Vol 45, p 188


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