Regulation of Medicine, Podiatry and Acupuncture

ORS 677.512

  • renewal
  • fees
  • rules


A person seeking licensure as a physician assistant shall complete an application form provided by the Oregon Medical Board and submit the form to the board, accompanied by nonrefundable fees for the application and for the license in amounts determined by rule of the board.


The board may issue a license to a physician assistant who:


Submits an application as required by the board by rule;


Pays the application fee established by the board by rule;


Has completed an educational program accredited by a nationally recognized accreditation organization for physician assistant educational programs;


Has passed the initial national examination required of physician assistants to become nationally certified;


Is mentally and physically able to engage safely in practice as a physician assistant;


Has not been disciplined by a physician assistant licensing board in another state, unless the board considers the discipline and determines that the person is competent to practice as a physician assistant; and


Is of good moral character as determined by the board.


The board may issue a license by reciprocity to a person who is licensed as a physician assistant in another state and meets the requirements of subsection (2)(c) and (d) of this section.


(a) The board shall adopt necessary and proper rules to govern the renewal of licenses issued under this section.


If the board requires a licensee to complete continuing education in order to renew a license issued under this section, the board shall allow a licensee to meet those requirements by providing the board with documentation of military training or experience that is substantially equivalent to the continuing education required by the board. [2007 c.240 §2; 2011 c.550 §4; 2012 c.43 §7]
Note: See note under 677.510 (Board approval of using services of physician assistant).
Chapter 677

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Extent of grandfather right under 1969 Act amending barbers law, (1972) Vol 36, p 23; licensing requirements for hospital technicians employed by state correctional facilities, (1987) Vol 45, p 188


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