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ORS 681.375
Role of speech-language pathology assistants

  • rules

The State Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology shall adopt rules to define the role of speech-language pathology assistants, including but not limited to:


The responsibilities of speech-language pathologists for the supervision and instruction of speech-language pathology assistants, including the frequency, duration and documentation of direct, on-site supervision and the quantity and content of instruction.


The ratio of speech-language pathology assistants to speech-language pathologists.


The scope of duties and restrictions on responsibilities of speech-language pathology assistants.


The qualifications that must be met before a speech-language pathology assistant may be certified.


Clarification of the differences between the scope of duties of speech-language pathology assistants and of instructional assistants as described in ORS 681.360 (Certificate for speech-language pathology assistant) (5). [2001 c.626 §8; 2005 c.698 §15; 2015 c.245 §52]


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