Oregon Real Estate and Escrow Activities
ORS 696.320
Effect of suspension or revocation of principal broker license on associated licensees

The suspension or revocation of a principal real estate broker’s license renders inactive every license of the real estate brokers engaged by the principal real estate broker pending a transfer of the license. The Real Estate Agency shall transfer a license rendered inactive under this section if the real estate licensee requests a transfer within 30 days after the effective date of the suspension or revocation of the principal real estate broker’s license and pays a transfer fee. [Amended by 1969 c.674 §18; 1975 c.746 §24; 1977 c.649 §43; 1981 c.617 §15b; 1989 c.724 §10; 2001 c.300 §32; 2005 c.116 §9]
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