Oregon Real Estate and Escrow Activities
ORS 696.425
Powers and duties of board; expenses


The Real Estate Board is authorized to inquire into the needs of the real estate licensees of Oregon, the functions of the Real Estate Agency and the matter of the business policy thereof, to confer with and advise the Governor as to how the agency may best serve the state and the licensees, and to make recommendations and suggestions of policy to the agency as the board may deem beneficial and proper for the welfare and progress of the licensees and of the public and of the real estate business in Oregon.


The board shall make recommendations to the agency about the manner and methods for conducting examinations.


The board shall create or approve a real estate continuing education course for real estate licensees based on recent changes in real estate rule and law.


The expenses of the board shall be paid from moneys available to the agency for payment of administrative expenses relating to the real estate activities of the agency. [1963 c.580 §46; 1969 c.674 §19; 1977 c.649 §47; 1981 c.617 §18; 1987 c.414 §39a; 1993 c.744 §179; 2009 c.502 §8; 2013 c.145 §15]
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