Road Authorities

ORS 810.010
Jurisdiction over highways

  • exception

This section designates the bodies responsible for exercising jurisdiction over certain highways when the vehicle code requires the exercise of jurisdiction by the road authority. This section does not control where a specific section of the vehicle code specifically provides for exercising jurisdiction in a manner different than provided by this section. Except as otherwise specifically provided under the code, the responsibilities designated under this section do not include responsibility for maintenance. Responsibility for maintenance is as otherwise provided by law. The following are the road authorities for the described roads:


The Department of Transportation is the road authority for all state highways in this state including interstate highways.


The county governing body is the road authority for all county roads outside the boundaries of an incorporated city.


The governing body of an incorporated city is the road authority for all highways, roads, streets and alleys, other than state highways, within the boundaries of the incorporated city.


Any other municipal body, local board or local body is the road authority for highways, other than state highways, within its boundaries if the body or board has authority to adopt and administer local police regulations over the highway under the Constitution and laws of this state.


Any federal authority granted jurisdiction over federal lands within this state under federal law or rule is the road authority for highways on those lands as provided by the federal law or rule. [1983 c.338 §145; 1985 c.16 §45]


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