Road Authorities

ORS 810.310
Use of license as security deposit

The current valid license of a person that is issued by this state is acceptable, when authorized under ORS 810.300 (Security for appearance on traffic crime), as a security deposit for a person on a traffic crime. The use of a license as security under this section is subject to all of the following:


Upon acceptance of the license as security, the magistrate or clerk or deputy clerk authorized by the magistrate shall issue the person a court bail driver permit under ORS 807.330 (Court bail driver permit).


If the person appears at the time fixed, the person’s license shall be returned to the person unless taken up by the court under ORS 809.275 (Court to take possession of license or permit).


If the person fails to appear at the time fixed, the court shall forward the license to the Department of Transportation along with a notification that the person failed to appear and a notification to suspend the driving privileges of the person. The department shall take action on the license and notice as provided under ORS 809.280 (Department procedures following court order of suspension or revocation). [1983 c.338 §377; 1985 c.16 §196; 1993 c.627 §4; 1999 c.1051 §286]


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