Road Authorities

ORS 810.030
Imposition of restrictions on highway use

  • grounds
  • procedure
  • penalties


A road authority may impose restrictions described under this section on its own highways as the road authority determines necessary to do any of the following:


Protect any highway or section of highway from being unduly damaged.


Protect the interest and safety of the general public.


Restrictions that may be imposed under this section include any of the following:


Prohibition of the operation of any or all vehicles or any class or kind of vehicle.


Imposing limits on any weight or dimension of any vehicle or combination of vehicles.


Imposing any other restrictions that the road authority determines necessary to achieve the purposes of this section. This paragraph does not grant authority to impose speed restrictions.


Any restrictions or limitations imposed under this section must be imposed by proper order. The restrictions or limitations are effective when appropriate signs giving notice of the restrictions or limitations are erected. A sign giving notice of a restriction or limitation in an order shall be maintained in a conspicuous manner and shall be placed at each end of the highway or section of highway affected by the order and at such other places as is necessary to inform the public.


Penalties are provided under ORS 818.130 (Violation of posted limits on use) for violation of restrictions imposed under this section. [1983 c.338 §147; 1985 c.16 §46]

Notes of Decisions

Rulemaking authority does not permit rule assigning civil liability in private causes of action. Ettinger v. Denny Chancler Equipment Co., Inc., 139 Or App 103, 910 P2d 420 (1996), Sup Ct review denied


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