Rights and Duties Relating to Cemeteries, Human Bodies and Anatomical Gifts

ORS 97.360
Resurvey and alteration in shape or size

  • vacation of streets, walks, driveways and parks and replatting into lots


Any part or subdivision of the property so mapped and platted may, by order of the directors and consent of the lot owners, be resurveyed and altered in shape and size and an amended map or plat filed, so long as such change does not disturb any interred remains.


Whenever a majority of the lots as platted or laid out in any cemetery established before March 3, 1927, or any part thereof, has been sold without the owners or persons in control of the cemetery having made provision for the establishment of an adequate endowment fund for the perpetual maintenance, upkeep and beautification of the cemetery and of the lots therein, the avenues, streets, alleys, walks, driveways and parks therein may be vacated or altered and replatted into lots which may be sold for burial purposes in the manner provided in this subsection and in ORS 97.370 (Fixing date of hearing) to 97.430 (Declaration of exercise of police power and right of eminent domain). Application for the vacation or alteration of any avenues, streets, alleys, walks, driveways or parks, and for the replatting of the same, or any portion thereof, for cemetery lots in any such cemetery shall be made to the county court or board of county commissioners in the county where the cemetery is situated. The application may be by the owners or persons in control of the cemetery or by a group of 20 or more persons owning lots or having relatives buried therein. The application shall be verified and shall specify the lots owned by each petitioner in which are buried bodies of relatives in which the petitioner is interested and shall state the reason for the proposed change and what provisions have theretofore been made for the perpetual upkeep, maintenance and beautification of the cemetery, and there shall be presented therewith a plat of the cemetery, together with the proposed replat, which shall have clearly indicated thereon the proposed changes.
Chapter 97

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Embalming dead human body without prior authorization from surviving spouse or next of kin, (1981) Vol 41, p 457


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