Rights and Duties Relating to Cemeteries, Human Bodies and Anatomical Gifts

ORS 97.890


Upon the adoption of the resolution described in ORS 97.880 (Resolution declaring a nuisance) the officers of the cemetery authority may file a complaint in the circuit court for the county in which the cemetery is located against the owners, holders or parties interested in such abandoned portion of its cemetery demanding that the court require such owners, holders or interested parties to keep the premises clear of weeds and brush and in condition in harmony with other lots and, if the owners, holders, or interested parties fail to appear in court and comply with the order of the court, demanding that the court make a judgment declaring such portions of the cemetery a common nuisance, directing the governing board to abate the nuisance by clearing the premises and keeping them clear of weeds and brush, creating a lien upon such lots and parcels in favor of the cemetery authority, providing that the lien be foreclosed and the lots and parcels be sold in the same manner as other sales upon execution are made and authorizing the governing board to become a purchaser thereof on behalf of the cemetery authority.


In such suit any number of owners of different lots, subdivisions of lots, pieces or parcels of the cemetery may be included in the one suit.


It is a sufficient designation of the property so abandoned and unimproved to give the lot number or portion thereof, or a description of the piece or parcel having no lot number, together with the name of the owner thereof, as appears on the record of the cemetery authority.


In addition to the names of the persons that appear on the records of the cemetery authority as the record owners of such unused and unimproved portions of the cemetery, the plaintiff shall include as a defendant in a complaint the following: “Also all other persons unknown claiming any right, title, estate, lien or interest in the unused and unimproved portions of the cemetery described in the complaint.” [Amended by 2003 c.576 §358; 2007 c.661 §10]
Chapter 97

Atty. Gen. Opinions

Embalming dead human body without prior authorization from surviving spouse or next of kin, (1981) Vol 41, p 457


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