Rule Rule 115-010-0043
Hearings by Electronic Devices


The Board or Board Agent has the discretion to conduct a hearing or portion of a hearing by an electronic device, such as telephone, video, and Internet devices.


A party seeking to have a hearing or to offer evidence by an electronic device shall make the request at least ten days before the scheduled hearing date. Less notice may be allowed, if the Board or Board Agent determines that there is good cause for the late notice.


In determining whether to grant a request that all or part of a hearing be conducted by an electronic device, the Board or Board Agent shall consider the circumstances of the particular case including:


The amount of notice given;


The availability of equipment;


The length of hearing;


The amount of documentary evidence to be utilized during the proposed testimony;


The number and location of witnesses;


The degree to which witness credibility is at issue;


The hardship on the parties or witnesses;


Any objections of an opposing party; and


The cost to the Board.


The Board may conduct oral argument, under OAR 115-010-0095 (Board Review), or conduct other business through hearings held by an electronic device.
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Feb. 4, 2021