Rule Rule 115-010-0090
Objections to Board Agent’s Recommended Order


The parties shall have 14 days from the date of service of a Recommended Order to file specific written objections with the Board. Upon good cause shown, the Board may extend the time for filing objections.


If one party has filed objections as set forth in subsection (1), but the other party has not, the party that has not objected may file cross-objections within 7 days of the service of the objections.


If a party fails to comply with subsections (1) and (2) of this rule, then any objections or cross-objections shall be deemed invalid and disregarded by the Board in making a final determination in the case.


If no objections are timely filed, then the Board shall adopt the Recommended Order as the Final Order.


Where the Board adopts a Recommended Order under section (4) of this rule, that Final Order is precedential unless the Board determines to make some or all of that Final Order non precedential.
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