Rule Rule 115-010-0055


A subpoena for the attendance of witnesses or for the production of records or other documents may be issued by an attorney of record in the manner and form prescribed by ORS 183.440.


On its own motion, the Board or Board Agent may issue such a subpoena.


The Board or Board Agent generally will not issue a subpoena on a partys request, unless the party is not represented by an attorney or the party establishes that it is necessary for the Board to issue the subpoena on the partys behalf.


Subpoenaed witnesses shall receive fees and mileage as prescribed by ORS 44.415 for witnesses in civil proceedings. The fees and mileage shall be paid by the person that asks for the subpoena to be issued.


All subpoenas shall be served within a reasonable time before the hearing or date designated for the production of records or documents.


Any party desiring to contest a subpoena issued in any hearing of the Board may do so by filing a motion to quash.
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