Rule Rule 115-010-0033
Filings and Service of Documents

(1)(a) Any document required or allowed to be filed with the Board or served on a party may be filed or served by mail, email, facsimile (fax) or in person. The Board shall post on its website the street address for personal delivery, the mailing address for filing by mail, the telephone number for filing by fax, and the email address (or other method) to be used for electronic filing.


A complaint or answer will not be considered filed until the filing fees required by ORS 243.672 (Unfair labor practices)(3) have been paid.


The Board will charge $25 for each facsimile filing.


Documents received after 5 p.m. shall be deemed filed with the Board the next business day.


Unless otherwise stated in these rules or directed by the Board or Board Agent, all documents filed with the Board shall be served on the named parties or a representative of record and shall include proof of service.
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