Rule Rule 123-650-5500
Notice for Boundary Changes

A change to an existing enterprise zone boundary must entail notice to local taxing districts before the submission under ORS 285C.117 to the Department that generally conforms to that described in OAR 123-650-5000, except:


The notice goes not only to each taxing district in any area to be added, but also to those inside the entire, current zone area (aside from any jurisdiction joining the zone).


The notice shall be sent at least 21 calendar days before adoption of the requisite resolution by the governing body of the sponsoring county. If there is no sponsoring county, notice must precede the resolution by every sponsoring city or port by 21 calendar days.


There is no mandatory public meeting or other type of special consultation, but circumstances such as the addition of a new cosponsor or of extensive areas could demand further communication along the lines of OAR 123-650-5200.


The submission to the Department is not complete without inclusion of relevant items listed in OAR 123-650-5000(4).
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