Rule Rule 123-650-0700
Rural and Urban Designations

As defined underORS 285C.050, an enterprise zoneis categorized as either ruralor urbanunder ORS 285C.050(18) or (22), such that:


As used in ORS 285C.050(22), regional or metropolitan urban growth boundary means the UGB encompassing the principal Oregon city or cities of a federally established metropolitan statistical area (MSA)and any other city that jointly undertakes comprehensive planning with such a city to determine their mutual UGB.


Subject to change in the definition of federal MSAs in Oregon or in joint arrangements for inter-city planning, section (1) of this rule currently pertains to the UGBs for:




Bend and Redmond;






Grants Pass;




Portland and Hillsboro with all other cities inside the Metro UGB; and


Salem with Keizer.


An enterprise zone may be neither designated, re-designated nor amended to include areas both inside and outside a regional or metropolitan urban growth boundary.


The rural/urban category of any existing enterprise zone may switch according to a change in the circumstances with section (2) of this rule, as determined by the Department.


If a UGB amendment, a change described in section (4) of this rule, or some other occurrence causes a regional or metropolitan urban growth boundary to intersect an existing enterprise zone boundary, the zones categorization as either urban or rural shall remain as it is. If a subsequent modification or occurrence situates the zone entirely outside or inside of that boundary, then the zones categorization as rural or urban may switch accordingly at that time.
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