Rule Rule 125-045-0235
Terminal Dispositions of State Real Property Interests (Offers to Other Individuals or Entities)


This rule applies to sales and leases of State Real Property Interests only.


If a Disposing Agency does not sell or transfer a State Real Property Interest to either an Agency, Nonprofit Organization, Indian Tribe, Political Subdivision or to a party that has been granted a Right of First Refusal, then the Disposing Agency may dispose of the State Real Property Interest to any other party.


The Disposing Agency must publish notice of the proposed Terminal Disposition of the State Real Property Interest. The notice must be published not less than once a week for three successive weeks in one or more newspapers of general circulation in the county or counties in which the State Real Property Interest is located. In addition, the Disposing Agency may provide notice on its website. The published notice must include the following:


A general description of the State Real Property Interest, including a legal description, if any;


The asking price;


The name and address of the person to contact to obtain any additional information concerning the State Real Property Interest;


A Request for Proposals, including the address to which the Proposal must be delivered and the date and time the Proposal is due, which may not be less than 30 days from the date of the first notice;


If applicable, a notice that the Terminal Disposition of the State Real Property Interest may be subject to a Right of First Refusal;


If not previously published, an invitation for public comment on the State Real Property Interest values defined in OAR 125 045-0215(7) if the Appraised Fair Market Value is more than $100,000;


A reservation of the right of the Disposing Agency or the Division to accept or reject any Proposal; and


Any other information the Disposing Agency elects to include.


The Disposing Agency must use sound real estate industry methods to negotiate the best value for the state.


The Division may post the current status of Surplus State Real Property Interests available for Terminal Disposition on its website.


All Proposals submitted in response to the published notice described in this rule must be in writing and signed by a person authorized to enter into a real estate transaction on behalf of the purchaser and be received by the close of the proposal period. A proposing entity is expected to enter into a Pre-purchase Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding within 60 days of acceptance of proposal.


Each Proposal must clearly identify the amount offered for the purchase of the State Real Property Interest, and must include the following additional information:


Any conditions upon the Proposers offer to acquire the State Real Property Interest;


A detailed statement explaining the Proposers proposed use for the State Real Property Interest; and


Any other information the Proposer believes is relevant to its Proposal.


After the date and time for submitting Proposals has passed, the Disposing Agency must open all Proposals that have been timely delivered. The Disposing Agency must evaluate all responsive Proposals to determine the Proposal most advantageous to the State. The determination of the most advantageous Proposal will be final and conclusive and is not subject to review by any court.


The Disposing Agency must notify the apparent successful Proposer and negotiate to determine if the transfer can be consummated and a final agreement reached. If negotiations are unsuccessful, the Disposing Agency may:


Notify the next highest ranking acceptable Proposal and must similarly attempt to negotiate the Terminal Disposition of the State Real Property Interest; and


Continue the negotiation process until the Disposing Agency has exhausted the field of all Proposers; or


Reject remaining Proposals.


If the Disposing Agency and a Proposer reach a final agreement on the Terminal Disposition of the State Real Property Interest and this agreement, where required, is approved by the Attorney General pursuant to ORS 291.047, the Disposing Agency must transfer the State Real Property Interest to the successful Proposer in accordance with the terms of the agreement.


The Disposing Agency, in its sole discretion, may reject any or all Proposals.


If all Proposals are rejected, the Disposing Agency may market and sell the Real Property Interest in any manner the Disposing Agency deems appropriate, including but not limited to auction, direct negotiation with potential buyers, announcing a new RFQ or RFP process, and acting through a real estate licensee, provided that:


If required by ORS 291.047, any resulting agreement of sale must be approved by the Attorney General;


If no agreement of sale is executed within 18 months of the publication of the first public notice of sale described in this rule, no agreement of sale may be accepted without the Division again issuing a 30-day notice following the Clearing House Process as described in 125-045-0225.
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