Rule Rule 125-045-0265
Statewide Inventory and Property Management


The Division shall maintain a computer Statewide Lands Inventory database. This database will catalog the size, location, current use and value of all State Real Property Interests, as well as, identify Surplus State Real Property Interests. The Division will use this data to respond to questions from the public, Agencies, the Legislature and executive branch concerning Statewide Lands.


The Division shall work with Agencies to establish appropriate categories of real property for cataloguing State Real Property Interests. Agencies shall cooperate with the Division by providing State Real Property Interests data, which is accurate, up-to-date and complete. The Statewide Lands Inventory categories shall include information on location, size, current use, value, and whether the Real Property Interest is in operational use, reserve, or surplus. Value may be shown as a range within a list of categories: Forest $80-$180/acre; Range Land $50-$150/acre; Commercial Office Land (Urban) $2-$5/per square foot. Agencies shall identify whether the State Real Property Interest is within an urban growth boundary and, if the Real Property Interest is declared Surplus and sold, whether there are restrictions on the use of proceeds.


To the extent reasonably possible, the Division shall identify Real Property Interests in the Statewide Lands Inventory by:


The property identification numbers or characters used by the controlling Agency, and


The property identifiers assigned by the county assessor, including applicable tax map lot numbers, street addresses, GIS coordinates, latitude and longitude, section, township and range information.


The Division shall post a quarterly report on the Departments website listing, by Agency, all State Real Property Interests currently for sale. The Division shall forward questions that it receives relating to specific State Real Property Interests to the appropriate Agency for response.


In order to process Acquisitions and Terminal Dispositions of State Real Property Interests, as defined in OAR 125-045-0220 and 125-045-0225, Agencies controlling State Real Property Interests shall provide the Department property status information.


On or before October 1st of each even numbered year, all Agencies controlling State Real Property Interests shall submit a revised and updated inventory of any Surplus State Real Property Interests that it controls to the Division. The inventory shall list separately any Surplus State Real Property Interest located within an urban growth boundary. Each Agency that controls a State Real Property Interest shall also provide to the Division an interactive link to the Agencys lands database to allow real time updates.
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