Rule Rule 125-045-0255
Procedure for Submitting Property Transactions and Inventory Information for PLAC Review


Agencies must provide all information for PLAC review to the Division three weeks before the scheduled PLAC meeting. The Division will review the information provided for completeness.
(2) Transacting Agency must provide to the Division key information on each transaction to be reviewed by the PLAC, including:
(a) A brief summary of the proposed transaction;
(b) The reason for the PLAC review;
(c) Background summary information and a list of topics for consideration; and
(d) Any supporting documents, maps or photos.
(3) The PLAC may request information from Agencies about their Real Property Interest inventories and plans for their portfolios as described in 125-045-0213 (Planning for State Real Property Interests), Planning for State Real Property Interests.
(4) By November 1st of each even numbered year, the Division, or hosting agency will prepare a summary report of the State Land Inventory System, available Surplus Real Property Interests, and State Real Property Interests sold during the current biennium for the PLAC to review. By January 1st of every odd numbered year, the Division will forward the reviewed and finalized report to the Legislature.
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