Rule Rule 125-045-0255
Procedure for Submitting Property Transactions and Inventory Information for PLAC Review


The PLAC shall advise the Department on all Acquisitions and Terminal Dispositions valued at $100,000 or more. The Division and the Agency shall consider, but are not required to follow, the advice of the PLAC.


Prior to each PLAC meeting, the Division shall provide reports to each member of the PLAC containing key information on each Acquisition and Terminal Disposition to be reviewed by the PLAC, including:


A brief summary of the proposed transaction;


The reason for the PLAC review;


Background summary information and a list of topics for consideration; and


Any supporting documents, maps or photos.


The PLAC may request information from Agencies controlling State Real Property Interests related to Agency land inventories and the Agencys processes for identifying, acquiring and disposing of excess real property.


If a request for Agency information is made, prior to submission, the Division will schedule a meeting with the Agency to collect and review the documentation.


At the conclusion of its evaluation, the Division will copy and distribute the documentation to the PLAC members at least two weeks in advance of the PLAC scheduled meeting.


The Division shall prepare draft meeting minutes after every PLAC meeting and distribute them to PLAC members for review and comment. The Division shall revise the minutes following receipt of comments from the PLAC and shall distribute revised minutes to the PLAC for approval at the beginning of the next scheduled PLAC meeting.


By November 1st of each even numbered year, the Division shall prepare a summary report of the Statewide Lands Inventory Program, available Surplus State Real Property Interests, and State Real Property Interests sold during the current biennium for the PLAC to review. By January 1st of every odd numbered year, the Division, with PLAC oversight, shall also prepare a summary report for Legislative review.
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