Rule Rule 125-045-0270
Statewide Lands Inventory Program Costs


The Division shall project the biennial cost of the Statewide Lands Inventory. After deducting reserves for long-term program upgrades and improvements, any fund balance remaining from the previous biennium will be subtracted from the projected biennial cost. The final projected biennial cost will then be apportioned to Agencies as described in this rule.


To contribute to the cost of maintaining the Inventory, the Division shall charge each Agency that controls a State Real Property Interest an annual maintenance fee equal to the Agencys proportionate share of the total annual cost incurred by the Division. Each Agencys proportionate share of the maintenance fee will be calculated by dividing:


The number of State Real Property Interests in the Inventory that are controlled by the Agency; by


The total number of all State Real Property Interests listed in the Inventory as of June 30 each year.


Maintenance fees will be billed annually in advance, on or before June 30 of each year. Maintenance fees are payable within 30 calendar days of the date of billing. Late payments will incur a late fee charge of 8% per annum of the amount due, with interest accruing from June 30.


The Division may, at its discretion, waive an Agencys maintenance fee for any one year when the Division determines that the cost of collection may exceed the amount of the annual fee, or otherwise represents a cost inefficiency to the Division. Any fee so waived may be apportioned among the remaining Agencies for that year.


Payments received by the Division under this rule are continuously appropriated to the Division to reimburse it for the costs incurred by the Division in maintaining the Statewide Lands Inventory Program.
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