Rule Rule 125-045-0250
Public Lands Advisory Committee


In exercising its real property management and transaction functions under ORS 184.634, 270.005 to 270.015, 270.100 to 270.190, 273.416, 273.426 to 273.436 and 273.551, the Department shall receive advice from the Public Lands Advisory Committee (PLAC).


The PLAC shall consist of two members of the Legislative Assembly, two persons who serve in the executive branch of state government, one real estate agent licensed under ORS 696.020, one qualified land use planner, and one person qualified as a real estate management expert. Members of the PLAC shall appoint the Chair of the Committee.


The PLAC shall meet quarterly or as often as the majority of its members determine. The Department may request that the PLAC meet for the purpose of considering real property transactions, evaluate reports to the legislature, or to review Agency reports on the status of the Statewide Lands Inventory.


The PLAC may request that the Department and other Agencies controlling State Real Property Interests update the PLAC on their individual land inventories and processes for evaluating whether property is needed to support an Agencys mission.


PLAC meetings shall be held in Salem. The Division, unless otherwise arranged by PLAC, will determine the meeting location. The Division shall:


Schedule and announce meeting dates and times;


Prepare and distribute meeting agendas;


Arrange times for Agency presentations; review and edit Agency material prior to meetings;


Coordinate with Agencies in response to information requests from PLAC; and


Prepare and distribute meeting minutes.


The PLAC is advisory to the Department and is not a governing body as defined by ORS 192.610. Meetings of the PLAC shall be treated as public meetings and shall follow the notification and other procedures described in the Attorneys General Public Records and Meetings Manual.


The PLAC shall not make a recommendation on a transaction or other documents reviewed without a majority of its members present. If a duly scheduled and noticed meeting does not have a majority of the members present, those present will be considered to be a subcommittee of the PLAC. The subcommittee shall report its findings and recommendations to the next scheduled PLAC meeting when a majority is present and formal action may be taken at that time.


Members of the PLAC who are not members of the Legislative Assembly are entitled to compensation under ORS 292.495. Members of the PLAC who are members of the Legislative Assembly shall be paid compensation and shall be reimbursed for expenses as provided in ORS 171.072, payable from funds appropriated to the Legislative Assembly. Expenses of the PLAC shall be paid from Department funds that shall be recovered from Agencies pursuant to OAR 125-045-0270.


The PLAC may hold meetings or portions of meetings in non-public Executive Session to discuss specific, confidential deal points and negotiation strategies for particular property transactions.
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