Oregon Secretary of State, Corporation Division

Rule Rule 160-040-0303
Organization Debtor Names

For purposes of these rules, an “organization debtor name” is any name provided as a debtor name in a UCC record in a format that identifies the name as that of a debtor who is an organization, without regard to the nature or character of the name or to the nature or character of the actual debtor.


Single field. Organization debtor names are stored in files that include only organization debtor names and not individual debtor names. A single field is used to store an organization debtor name.


Truncation organization names. The organization debtor name field in the UCC database is fixed in length. The maximum length is 250 characters. Although filers should continue to provide full names on their UCC records, a name that exceeds the fixed length is entered as presented to the filing officer, up to the maximum length of the organization debtor name field.

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Jun. 8, 2021