Oregon Secretary of State, Corporation Division

Rule Rule 160-040-0305

Collateral held in a Trust. The debtor name to be provided when the collateral is held in a trust that is not a registered organization is the name of the trust as set forth in its organic record(s), if the trust has such a name or, if the trust is not so named, the name of the trust’s settlor. In order for the UCC information management system to function in accordance with the usual expectations of filers and searchers, the name of a trust or of a settlor that is an organization should be provided as an organization debtor name, and the name of a settlor who is an individual should be provided as an individual debtor name, in each case without regard to the nature or character of the debtor. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the filing office will enter data submitted by a filer in the fields designated by the filer exactly as it appears in such fields.

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Jun. 8, 2021