Oregon Secretary of State, Corporation Division

Rule Rule 160-040-0400
Lapse Date and Time


Procedure Upon Lapse. If there is no timely filing of a continuation with respect to a financing statement, the financing statement lapses on its lapse date and the UCC information management system renders or is caused to render the financing statement inactive. On the first anniversary of such lapse date, the financing statement will no longer be made available to a searcher unless inactive statements are requested by the searcher and the financing statement is still retrievable by the UCC information management system.


Lapse Date and Time. A lapse date is calculated for each initial financing statement (unless the debtor is indicated to be a transmitting utility). The lapse date is the same date of the same month as the filing date in the fifth year after the filing date or relevant subsequent fifth anniversary thereof if timely continuation statement is filed, but if the initial financing statement indicates that it is filed with respect to a public finance transaction, the lapse date is the same date of the same month as the filing date in the thirtieth year after the filing date. The lapse takes effect at the end of the business day of the lapse date. The relevant anniversary for a February 29 filing date shall be the March 1 in the fifth year following the year of the filing date.

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