OAR 257-050-0090

The authorized agent or representative of the tow business shall self-certify on its application under penalty of False Swearing related to Regulation of Vehicles related to Businesses (ORS 822.605 (False swearing relating to regulation of vehicle related businesses)), penalty of Perjury (ORS 162.065 (Perjury)), suspension or revocation from the non-preference tow rotational list that its tow business, employees and vehicles meet the minimum requirements as set forth in these Administrative Rules. This self-certification shall verify that the tow business’ request for a letter of appointment complies with all applicable local laws and regulations as prescribed for the geographical area where the tow business will be established. If local zoning regulations are applicable, the authorized agent or representative of the tow business must include with the application a copy of the certification of approval from the local planning department, zoning commission or other authorized unit of local government, to the Department. A zoning certification will become part of the permanent record maintained for each qualified tow business by the Department.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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