OAR 257-050-0100
Issuance of Letter of Appointment


No tow business shall be called upon to perform a non-preference towing service at the request of the Department unless such tow business has a valid letter of appointment from the Department, as described herein. A letter of appointment will not be issued by the Department unless the Department is satisfied that all qualifications set out in these Administrative Rules either have been met by the tow business or that a waiver of one or more qualifications has been granted by the Department.


A letter of appointment will be valid only in the zone or zones assigned by the area commander and will identify specific vehicles of a qualified tow business authorized to operate in each zone. Applications for additional letters of appointment in other zones must be based on a complete and separate place of business capable of independent operation within the additional zone.


A tow business may petition the Department for a waiver of a non-safety related requirement. The waiver shall be sent to the area commander who may make a recommendation regarding the waiver as an operational need. The Department may grant a waiver if, it finds that the towing services available to the Department are inadequate in the area to meet the needs of the public.


In the event a qualified tow business that meets all requirements and qualifications receives a letter of appointment in the same zone as a qualified tow business that has been granted a waiver, the qualified tow business currently operating under a waiver, upon notification, will be advised that it has up to 30 days to come into compliance with these rules before removal from the affected non-preference tow zone. If the qualified tow business operating under a waiver fails to come into compliance within the time specified by the Department, it may have its letter of appointment suspended or revoked by the Department and will not be called for Department initiated tows.


Every letter of appointment shall be issued in the name of a tow business and the holder thereof shall not allow any other person or qualified tow business to use the letter of appointment.


The letter of appointment will be valid only for the place of business named on the application and will not apply to any other place of business.


A letter of appointment shall be valid for one (1) year unless suspended or revoked by the Department.


Each separate place of business will have a letter of appointment.


Before a letter of appointment can be issued by the Department the tow business must have a tow vehicle meeting the minimum standards set forth in these Administrative Rules OAR 257-050-0020 (Policy and Purpose) to 257-050-0200 (Mandatory Equipment Standards for Tow Trucks/Safety Related Requirements).


The letter of appointment shall state the zone the qualified tow business is authorized to operate in. The zones will be determined by the area commander.


All qualified tow businesses shall agree to tow abandoned vehicles in accordance with Chapter 819 of the Oregon Revised Statutes.

Source: Rule 257-050-0100 — Issuance of Letter of Appointment, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=257-050-0100.

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