OAR 257-050-0150


The Department shall not establish, recommend or in any way dictate the cost of a non-preference tow conducted by a qualified tow business.


A qualified tow business that conducts a non-preference tow under these administrative rules shall not represent to any person or business that a particular fee has been or will be charged by the Oregon State Police.


Qualified tow businesses shall furnish the Patrol Services Division with an itemized list of charges that can be incurred during a non-preference tow including, but not limited to:


Hookup charge;


Mileage fee;


Response fee.


Qualified tow businesses shall not charge for items not declared on the list relating to the towing of a vehicle. This does not include mechanical work, bodywork or other repair work conducted subsequent to the tow.


Complaints of unfair charges against a qualified tow business shall be referred to the Oregon Attorney General’s Office.


Qualified Tow businesses shall not transport passengers in any towed or carried vehicle(s).
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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