OAR 291-205-0080
Facilitated Dialogue Program Facilitator Participation

(1) Facilitator Qualification, Selection, Assignment, Supervision, and Termination:
(a) The functional unit manager and designee maintain sole discretion over the qualifications, selection, assignment, and termination of program facilitators who participate in the Facilitated Dialogue Program.
(b) The Victim Services Program coordinator will assign program facilitators to a specific facilitated dialogue as needed.
(c) The Victim Services Program coordinator will provide direction and supervision of all program facilitators assigned to cases and instruction as to appropriate intervals for debriefings.
(d) The Victim Services Program coordinator may terminate a program facilitator’s participation in a specific facilitated dialogue for any reason.
(2) Volunteer facilitators must meet the requirements for volunteer service in the rules on Volunteer Services/Student Interns (OAR 291-015). Facilitators must report any violation or failure to abide by the Facilitated Dialogue Program rules or agreements for any reason by any participant to the Facilitated Dialogue Program.
(3) Program facilitators are prohibited from engaging in sexual or other inappropriate personal relationships with the participants of a facilitated dialogue.
(4) Program facilitators must not give legal advice to any crime victim or survivor or inmate.
(5) Facilitated dialogues take place inside Department of Corrections facilities. Consequently, program facilitators are and remain subject to all applicable department rules and facility procedures pertaining to the public and visitors in Department of Corrections facilities, while participating in the Facilitated Dialogue Program, including but not limited to Volunteer Services/Student Interns (OAR 291-015), Mail (Inmate) (291-137), Visiting (291-127), Facility Access (291-016), and these rules (OAR 291-205).
(6) Applicants seeking to become program facilitators must have completed a department-designated training. The Facilitated Dialogue Program may also offer on-going training and program updates and program facilitators are expected to make every effort to attend these activities.

Source: Rule 291-205-0080 — Facilitated Dialogue Program Facilitator Participation, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=291-205-0080.

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