OAR 309-035-0210
Food Services


The provider shall plan and serve meals in accordance with the recommended dietary allowances found in the United States Department of Agriculture Food Guide Pyramid.


The provider shall obtain an order from an LMP for each individual who, for health reasons, is on a modified or special diet. The provider shall plan such diets in consultation with the individual.


The provider shall support the individual’s right to access food at any time. The provider may only apply an individually-based limitation when the circumstances meet and the provider complies with the standards and requirements of OAR 309-035-0195 (Individually-Based Limitations). This section is effective July 1, 2016, and enforceable as described in OAR 309-035-0115 (Licensing)(17).


If an individual misses a meal at a scheduled time, the provider shall make an alternative meal available.


The provider shall prepare menus at least one week in advance and shall provide a sufficient variety of foods served in adequate amounts for each individual at each meal and adjusted for seasonal changes. The provider shall file and maintain records of menus in the facility for at least 30 days. The provider shall consider individual preferences and requests in menu planning. The provider shall reasonably accommodate religious and vegetarian preferences.


The provider shall maintain adequate supplies of staple foods for a minimum of one week and perishable foods for a minimum of two days at the setting. An emergency supply of potable water shall be available such that the provider maintains seven gallons of water per individual.


The provider shall store, prepare, and serve food in accordance with Health Services Food Sanitation Rules.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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