OAR 330-068-0025
Obligated Measures


The Department shall contract with an institution for TAS or ECM projects which meet the requirement of OAR 330-068-0020 (Program Procedures). The Department shall prepare and submit to Bonneville a request in the form of a table for each additional measure or group of measures for which obligations are created which extends past the end of the federal fiscal year. Each such table shall be prepared in accordance with procedures and format provided by Bonneville, and signed by the Department’s authorized contracting officer. Upon execution by Bonneville’s authorized contracting officer, such table shall become effective as of the date specified therein, provided such table is received by Bonneville on or before a date to be determined annually by Bonneville.


Each table shall contain the following information, as appropriate:


Name and address of:


The building, or the facility other than a building, in which a measure or measures are being installed or completed; and


The institution owning and operating the building or the facility other than a building;


The estimated cost of ECMs comprising the project which are approved by the Department for funding;


The estimated first year kilowatt hour savings;


The estimated first year energy cost savings;


Related Department administrative costs if applicable; and


The date certain of installation or completion of such measure or measures and an estimated payment schedule for progress payments, if applicable.


Upon execution by both parties of each table, the institution shall be obligated for the completion of the measure or measures in such table no later that the date certain established by such table, or an extension thereof in accordance with OAR 330-068-0065 (Extension of Time for Obligated Measures).


Upon completion of such measure or measures, and the Department’s findings of compliance with the procedures of OAR 330-068-0020 (Program Procedures), the Department shall pay the institution in accordance with OAR 330-068-0090 (Payment Levels) for such measure or measures not to exceed the amounts specified in such table.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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