OAR 330-068-0045
Retroactive Payment


The Department may pay an institution, in accordance with amounts established in rule 330-068-0090 (Payment Levels), for technical assistance studies meeting the requirements in section (2) of this rule, and for installed energy conservation measures meeting the requirements of section (3) of this rule, the funds for which were contractually committed to on or after December 5, 1980, and prior to the date that the utility serving an institution’s building, or facility other than a building, was included in OAR 330-068-0080 (Operating Area) as provided.


Technical assistance studies are eligible for retroactive payment if they:


Are comparable in quality and scope to a TAS performed in accordance with these rules;


Resulted in accomplishment of O&M activities; and


Resulted in the installation of energy conservation measures recommended in the technical assistance study, the cost of which were at least equal to the portion of the technical assistance study to be paid for by the Department.


Energy conservation measures are eligible for retroactive payments if they were installed based on a recommendation contained in a study which is comparable in scope and quality to a TAS performed in accordance with these rules:




A measure must be “similar” to a measure included in this program. “Similar” means that a measure accomplishes the same purpose as and is comparable to a measure included in this program in enough ways that its effectiveness can be evaluated to a reasonable degree of certainty;


For measures installed or completed after the date of offering of this program, but before the Department has executed such program, retroactive payments shall be made only for those measures which achieve conservation to an equal or greater degree than would be achieved by measures under this program, and which otherwise substantially conformed to or exceeded the materials and installation specifications referenced in the most current version of this program offered at the time the measures were installed or completed;


When Bonneville has provided funds for the installation or completion of measures under another agreement which meet the requirements of paragraph (A) or (B) of this subsection, no retroactive payments shall be made with respect to such measures under this program;


Retroactive reimbursement shall be made for measures installed or completed prior to the date the measures were contained in the operating area to the extent such measures reduce the firm load obligations of Bonneville. The Department shall determine such reimbursement by applying a ratio to the payment levels contained in this program for such measures, the numerator being the whole number of years remaining in the useful life of the measure on the date the measures are included in the operating area and the denominator being the total whole number of years in the useful life of the measure.


Amounts: Retroactive reimbursement amounts for each measure installed or completed shall be those provided for in this program when the latter of the following occurred:


The effective date of this program; or


When the measure was accomplished.




The Department shall request retroactive reimbursement using the same form or format as is used for prospective payments. Such request shall clearly indicate that it is a request for retroactive reimbursement. The Department shall also maintain supporting documents and records for verification of costs retroactively reimbursed in accordance with this subsection;


The Department shall pay the amount owing to the institution under this subsection in a lump sum or in no more than six consecutive equal monthly installments, without interest, commencing after the date Bonneville advises the Department that its claims for retroactive reimbursement have been included in the Department’s approved budget.


The Department shall inspect all measures for which an Institution is applying for retroactive payment and verify in writing the proper completion or installation of such measures.


Requests for retroactive payment shall be submitted in the initial budget year or within 6 months of the date the operating area is expanded to include buildings, or facilities other than buildings, not previously eligible for retroactive payment.


Any environmental prohibitions or requirement for mitigation measures contained in these rules shall apply to measures which are paid for in whole or in part retroactively in accordance with these rules.

Source: Rule 330-068-0045 — Retroactive Payment, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=330-068-0045.

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