OAR 333-030-0023
Delegation of Duties

(1) A landlord may enter into a contract to delegate specific duties to a tenant for the term of the rental or lease of all or part of an organizational camp. The duties that may be delegated to a tenant through contract are:
(a) OAR 333-030-0050 (Sleeping Space)(4) relating to bedding;
(b) OAR 333-030-0055 (Bathing, Handwashing and Toilet Facilities)(2)(e) relating to toilet tissue;
(c) OAR 333-030-0055 (Bathing, Handwashing and Toilet Facilities)(2)(f) relating to non-water-carried waste;
(d) OAR 333-030-0055 (Bathing, Handwashing and Toilet Facilities)(3)(a)(C) and (D) relating to soap and paper towels;
(e) OAR 333-030-0055 (Bathing, Handwashing and Toilet Facilities)(3)(d) relating to handwashing facilities;
(f) OAR 333-030-0060 (Laundry Facilities)(2) through (4) relating to laundry facilities;
(g) OAR 333-030-0065 (Solid Waste) relating to solid waste;
(h) OAR 333-030-0070 (Insect and Rodent Control)(1), (2), (4) and (5) relating to insect and rodent control;
(i) OAR 333-030-0090 (Sewage Collection and Disposal)(1) and (5) relating to sewage collection and disposal;
(j) OAR 333-030-0095 (Food Service)(2) through (6) relating to food service;
(k) OAR 333-030-0100 (Emergency Procedures)(3) relating to an emergency plan;
(l) OAR 333-030-0103 (Camp Administration) relating to camp administration;
(m) OAR 333-030-0105 (Health Services)(2) through (9) relating to health services;
(n) OAR 333-030-0110 (Special Programs and Facilities)(1)(a), (c), (d), (e) and (g), (2)(c), (3) and (4) relating to programs and facilities;
(o) OAR 333-030-0115 (Transportation) relating to transportation;
(p) OAR 333-030-0120 (Fire Safety)(3)(b), (5) and (6)(e) relating to fire safety; and
(q) OAR 333-030-0125 (Chemical and Physical Hazards) relating to chemical and physical hazards.
(2) The landlord is responsible for compliance with duties specified in section (1) of this rule relating to cleanliness of the facility prior to delegating duties to a tenant. The tenant is responsible for compliance with delegated duties relating to facility cleanliness for the term of the contract.

Source: Rule 333-030-0023 — Delegation of Duties, https://secure.­sos.­state.­or.­us/oard/view.­action?ruleNumber=333-030-0023.

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