OAR 333-030-0040


No person shall construct, enlarge or alter any organizational camp or convert the use of an existing structure to an organizational camp without first securing appropriate permits. A copy of a building plan approval or building permits issued by the building department having jurisdiction must accompany the plot plan.


When proposing to make improvements to an organizational camp a plot plan showing the general layout of the organizational camp must be submitted to the local public health authority. The location for each of the following must be clearly shown and identified:


Property lines;


Proposed and existing construction;


Building floor plans that include the location of plumbing fixtures;


The number, size, type and location of all permanent structures and facilities;


Location of all proposed and existing water supply and sewage disposal systems;


Location of water and sewer lines;


Estimated total number of campers and staff to be using the facilities at any given time; and


Location of storage, collection and disposal facilities of solid waste.


Whenever a food service facility at an organizational camp is constructed or extensively remodeled and whenever an existing structure at an organizational camp is converted to use as a food service facility, properly prepared plans and specifications for such construction, remodeling or conversion must be submitted to the local public health authority for approval before construction. Plans must be submitted in accordance with Oregon Food Sanitation Rules OAR 333-150-0000 (Food Sanitation Rule) part 8-2.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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