OAR 333-030-0130

(1) A license applicant, licensee or contracted renter may apply to the Division in writing for a variance from a requirement in OAR 333-030-0015 (Definitions) through 333-030-0125 (Chemical and Physical Hazards). In order to qualify for a variance an applicant or licensee must demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Division, that:
(a) Strict compliance with the rule would be highly burdensome or impractical due to special conditions or cause;
(b) The public or private interest in granting the variance clearly outweighs the interest of the application of uniform rules; and
(c) Alternative measures, if applicable, provide adequate public health and safety protection for camp participants.
(2) A variance may only be granted by the Division and not by a LPHA.
Last Updated

Jun. 8, 2021

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