OAR 333-050-0100
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(1) In the event that the local health department receives records that are original documents from a school or facility, the local health department shall return such records to the administrator.
(2) The administrator shall be responsible for updating records each time the parents, health care practitioner, or an authorized representative of the local health department provides evidence of immunization or exemption for each child.
(3) Information on disease restrictions for schools and facilities can be found in OAR 333-019-0010 (Disease Related School, Child Care, and Worksite Restrictions: Imposition of Restrictions) and 333-019-0014 (Disease Related School, Child Care, and Worksite Restrictions: Removal of Restrictions). When a child must be excluded from attendance at a school or children’s facility in accordance with OAR 333-019-0010 (Disease Related School, Child Care, and Worksite Restrictions: Imposition of Restrictions)(3), the parent of the susceptible child must be notified verbally or in writing by the local health department, school or children’s facility administrator or designee when the child is to be excluded and for how long the exclusion will occur.
(4) The administrator shall maintain a system to track and report susceptible persons. The local health department may request that the list of persons susceptible to a disease be sorted by classroom, grade, or school. The administrator will provide the list within one calendar day of the local health department’s request in order to facilitate appropriate disease control measures.
(5) The local health department or the Public Health Division may conduct school or facility record validation surveys to ensure compliance with ORS 433.235 (Definitions for ORS 433.235 to 433.284) through 433.280 (Status of immunization records as public records) and these rules.
(6) The local health department may issue Exclusion Orders as needed for compliance with these rules during the validation survey process.
(7) The Public Health Division may issue Exclusion Orders when the Public Health Division is the recognized Public Health Authority in the county.
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Jun. 8, 2021

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